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Home Automation Philippines
Home Automation Philippines
Home Automation Philippines

The wired setup is suitable for houses where concrete slabs, and big spaces may cause signal interference that may hinder functionality, if a wireless setup were to be otherwise installed. The setup is very robust.

The wireless setup is suitable for condo's and smaller spaces. The setup has a lower installation cost and is ideal for owners that wish to automate a specific location or devices only.

Gate automation is suitable for every home owner that either has a swing-type or a sliding-type of gate. The setup makes it convenient for owners so as to not go out of the car, nor call anyone to open or close the gate, while still ensuring secure access.

Home Automation Philippines
Home Automation Philippines

Cloud-Based CCTV

Our cloud-based CCTV combines convenience and security. Owners can review real-time, as well as recorded footage, from their app despite not being on-site, and may opt to forego the installation of an NVR. 

Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks bring convenience and security. Never worry again about forgetting to lock doors, and be notified every time an intruder tries to come in. Grant and tailor-fit access to individuals assigning rights and limits via access codes.

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